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RNG Production Sites


What is a RNG production facility like? You might be surprised. Learn more through RNG FACTs.

RNG Facilities upcycle your region’s decomposing organic waste into energy and fuel that replaces dirtier energy, preventing methane that would otherwise be flared and emitted into the local air.

Gases at each facility are double and triple monitored to ensure site safety and methane capture efficiency.

RNG facilities employ designers and engineers in development, trade workers in construction, and — aside from creating local jobs — bring an an average of $20-25 million in investment to the community.

Attend RNG FACTs


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RNG facility stakeholders host tours and events across North America for both decision makers and the general pubic. To learn more about how sites and businesses across North America turn naturally occurring biogas into RNG, consider joining a tour near you!

Host RNG FACTs at Your Site

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Interested in hosting a site tour to educate regional leaders and the general public? We will do much of the event planning on your behalf, making it easier for you to schedule and and more frequently host educational events at your project site to inform local leaders, public decision makers, and elected officials. Contact us today to begin the process of scheduling an event at your facility.